The Capel Building
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The Capel Building

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Dublin's newest civic area, opened in December 1999, is within a few minutes walk of The Capel Building and is home to an estimated 2,000 people.

Chief O'Neill's hotel and bar is also located here.

Henry Street - Mary Street - Jervis Street


On average, over 600,000 shoppers walk down these streets. Many major local and international chain stores have outlets in the area.

Closest to The Capel Building is the Jervis Street Centre with over 280,000 sq.ft of retail space and featuring major stores like Marks & Spencer and Debenhams.

Dublin Institute of Technology


By 2006, all Dublin Institute of Technology colleges will have relocated to a single campus nearby.

The student population is expected to be 21,000 plus.



Both the Ormond Quay and Morrison hotels are within close proximity of Mary's Abbey. Combined, they have 155 rooms and suites.

The Legal Quarter


The Capel Building is only 300 yards from the Four Courts and close to the sites for the new Family Law and Special Criminal Court complexes.

It is within easy walking distance from the offices of the Bar Council, the Law Society and Green Street Courthouse.