The Capel Building
The Capel Building

Ground Floor Plan

FloorLower GroundGroundFirstSecond ThirdFourthFifth
Ground Floor Retail/Office
Ground Floor Retail Unit Area Schedule
Retail Unit 1528 sq.m Retail Unit 720.5 sq.m
Retail Unit 267.0 sq.m Retail Unit 852.0 sq.m
Retail Unit 3116.0 sq.m Retail Unit 9213.0 sq.m
Retail Unit 472.3 sq.m Retail Unit 10157.0 sq.m
Retail Unit 5120.0 sq.m Retail Unit 11153.0 sq.m
Retail Unit 635.0 sq.m Retail Unit 12212.0 sq.m
Ground Floor Office Space Area Schedule
Office 001/002/003318.0 m.sq   
Office 004
Ground Floor399.0 m.sq Mezzanine Level164.0 m.sq
Note: Diagrams not to scale. All sizes are approximate. Sales contracts are subject to physical measurements.