The Capel Building
The Capel Building

Lower Ground Floor Plan

FloorLower GroundGroundFirstSecond ThirdFourthFifth
Lower Ground Floor Retail/Office Plan
Lower Ground Floor Retail Unit Area Schedule
Retail Unit 1255.0 sq.m Retail Unit 7- - - - - -  
Retail Unit 217.0 sq.m Retail Unit 8131.0 sq.m
Retail Unit 395.0 sq.m Retail Unit 996.0 sq.m
Retail Unit 416.9 sq.m Retail Unit 1069.0 sq.m
Retail Unit 545.3 sq.m Retail Unit 1169.0 sq.m
Retail Unit 633.4 sq.m Retail Unit 1297.0 sq.m
Lower Ground Floor Enclosed Retail Space Area Schedule
LG1110.0 m.sq LG461.0 m.sq
LG258.0 m.sq LG581.0 m.sq
LG368.0 m.sq   
Note: Diagrams not to scale. All sizes are approximate. Sales contracts are subject to physical measurements.